Maria’s Teaching

“All the different types and styles of tango are based on the same recurring movement patterns: pivots, disassociation of upper and lower body, alignment, proper posture, twisting movements, and displacement of free leg.

Contrary to popular myths and beliefs, technique differs greatly from style. Technique refers to the performance or execution of a dance form in relation to mechanical details, while style refers to the appearance and is related to the manner in which a person expresses herself as an artist.

I believe that you learn any dance the same way. You need to learn the vocabulary, you need to be familiar with terms, and you need to be familiar with a repertoire. The majority of tango dancers have a movement adapted to their body’s lacking technique. In that they cannot perform certain elements of the dance because they did not learn those skills during their training. So I like to teach people to be technical, even if they want to dance recreationally.

Technique classes give you the basic elements, and if you do not learn these basic elements you’re always going to be stuck repeating patterns that you might forget, that you might not be able to lead or follow properly.

I don’t believe in teaching people sequences.

If you learn a sequence you’re not really improvising. You’re repeating something that somebody else created, instead of discovering your own creation, and exploring tango for what it is.” – (Maria Soledad, 2011)

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