About Maria Soledad

Maria Soledad started studying tango, as well as other traditional dances of her country while in school in Argentina. She was also a dedicated gymnast between the ages of 5 to 16.

Maria Soledad moved to Canada in 2001. She completed an undergraduate degree in Kinesiology and a Master’s Degree in Dance. She wrote her thesis on Tango, its history, its recent global popularity and the impact on how it is taught. She also studied how to preserve tango as part of the Argentinean heritage and she did some tango curriculum development. She wrote an essay about how tango could be housed in an institution where people could learn and train, as well as to be trained as a tango instructor.

Maria Soledad moved back to Buenos Aires to do research for her thesis. There she trained extensively with Carolina Bonaventura and Francisco Forquera of Mariposita De San Telmo, and with Flavio Catuara, creator and director of “Sensationes De Tango” the official tango show of Café Tortoni. She was fortunate to participate in many rehearsals with both companies. Maria Soledad also studied with Julio Balmaceda and Corina de la Rosa, Javier Antar and Kara Wenham.

Maria Soledad travels extensively to tango festivals, workshops, and to Buenos Aires to visit her teachers to further develop her skills as both a dancer and a teacher.

Maria is also trained as a STOTT Pilates instructor.

She teaches “It takes two to tango” to recovering cancer patients at Wellspring Calgary to improve their fitness level and cognitive processes.

Why Tango For The Soul?

Maria Soledad says: “Tango not only represents my culture, but if I don’t dance tango for two days I get depressed. It is so much part of my life, I need it, and it is a part of who I am. Tango is my soul, and my husband suggested the name ‘Tango For The Soul’.”

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